SERIOUS BEER Certification 啤酒侍酒師認證課程

SERIOUS BEER Certification Level 2 (簡稱 SB L2)

SERIOUS BEER Certification課程分成L1與L2,全程以英文與中文同步授課,課程結束後通過考試可取得SERIOUS BEER Certification證書。由於Cicerone®認證機構的中級認證Certified Cicerone®挑戰性極高,接受完SERIOUS BEER Certification的L1與L2訓練才有能力準備應考。也需具備英文寫作能力才能應考Certified Cicerone®。


  1. 原版教材:全英文
  2. 授課語言:英文為主,由啤酒專家Winnie Hsu 、Elaine Hsieh擔任助教與重點翻譯


  • 原版講義:SERIOUS BEER Education講師群精心編製,全英文內容
  • 課程時數:共40小時以上之解說、品飲與考試
  • 專業品評:70款啤酒,進階盲飲技巧,學習邏輯品飲與辨識各類型的風味。這是考試重點科目也是SERIOUS BEER Education講師的訓練強項。
  • 專題解說:涵蓋20個以上單元,詳細課綱請見課表下方的頁籤,非常重要!
  • 餐酒搭配:實際體驗食材與啤酒搭配,考試重點科目之一
  • 測驗費用:考題必須以英文回答,考試內容請見課表下方之頁籤,非常重要!
  • 頒發證書:SERIOUS BEER Certification Level 2

Serious Beer Level 2在北美的課程官網介紹: beer-level- 2


SERIOUS BEER Level L2 完成後可準備接受下一個挑戰!報考中階認證Certified Cicerone®。2017年1月,Cicerone®創辦人Ray Daniels將親自來台教授Certified Cicerone®考前衝刺課程。

啤酒侍酒師二級認證課程 第2期​(台北) 預約報名表 報名方式

  • 繳費資訊
  • Cicerone® 認證機構簡介
  • L2比L1更進階的內容
  • 考試內容








  1. 銀行:中國信託南崁分行(822)
  2. 帳號:510-540- 436-886
  3. 戶名:酒言食語行銷顧問有限公司
  4. 注意:轉帳完成後請務必至轉帳確認回函填寫完您的匯款資料,才完成報名。



  1. 初級認證 Certificated Beer Server
  2. 中級認證 Certified Cicerone® 
  3. 高級認證 Advanced Cicerone®
  4. 大師級認證 Master Cicerone® 

Cicerone® Certification Program自創立以來一直扮演權威國際認證機構,主要提供考試而非訓練課程。SERIOUS BEER Education教育中心並非Cicerone® Certification Program創辦或授權,而是由一群已考取Cicerone® 認證的啤酒專家主導與規劃,目的是協助啤酒專業人士準備考取Cicerone® 機構的各級認證。 

Cicerone® 機構的初級認證 Certificated Beer Server 考試所需的啤酒知識非常基礎。SERIOUS BEER Certification L1的訓練內容遠遠超過初級認證所需,目的是訓練學員應考中級認證Certified  Cicerone®。中級認證Certified  Cicerone®所需知識至少比初級認證Certificated Beer Server多出好幾十倍,上完第二階段(SERIOUS BEER Certification L2)的訓練課程才有能力準備報考困難度很高的Certified  Cicerone®認證考試。 

中級認證Certified Cicerone®考試在全球平均過關率大約30%,但根據SERIOUS BEER Education教育中心的統計,有上過SERIOUS BEER Level 2課程的學員考過率大幅提升到60%左右。



  • First hand view of a brewery’s inner workings to see the actual equipment involved.
  • Review of topics covered in Serious Beer L1, stressing beer styles and key measures for brewing processes.
  • Overview of western cuisine, stressing classic pairings from the USA and Europe
  • The blind tasting process to be used in future lessons; establish the current skill level of the group; Baseline for understanding beers in the lager category
  • Advanced Brewing ingredients
  • Advanced Brewing process
  • Organisms involved in fermentation
  • Defining beers, stress several styles not covered in level 1
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the stout/porter category
  • Beer styles and ingredients -- they create their own beer recipes
  • Pairing food with beer -- building on materials covered in level 1
  • Students create a restaurant menu from a provided list of dishes and beers, explaining their choices.
  • Mixing and matching beer and food -- Students experiment with several food items and beers
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the Darker Belgian/Scottish/Strongs category
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the Light/Strong category
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the Recently Developed Styles category
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the IPA category
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the Definitive Examples category
  • Intense mixes of common off-flavours
  • Intense mixes of less common off-flavours
  • Establish a baseline for more beers in the Definitive Examples category
  • Exam-strength tasting for common off-flavours
  • Exam-strength tasting for less common off-flavours
  • Establish a baseline for beers in the lager category
  • students will be provided several food items and beers and guided through mixing and matching with the results discussed
  • Students research and present on one southern hemisphere brewery and one northern hemisphere brewery from outside North America, the UK, Belgium/France and Germany/Austria/Czech Republic.
  • Key points from previous lessons, exercises and practicals are reviewed.


  1. Of course the most challenging part of the CC exam is blind tasting, so SERIOUS BEER 2 places extra-strong emphasis on establishing tasting baselines for all the important beer categories, incorporating the standard approach to Beer Tasting outlined in the BJCP guidelines.
  2. To understand beer in the glass you need to know how beer is made, so SERIOUS BEER 2 closely covers beer ingredients and beer processes.
  3. To pass the CC exam candidates need to understand how beer works with food. SERIOUS BEER 2 includes demanding hands-on exercises in pairing and menu design.
  4. Good beer tastes good, but what about when the beer is bad? SERIOUS BEER 2 incorporates fault essences from the SIEBEL Institute. Candidates will taste at two flavor threshholds -- intense and exam-strength- - learning to identify instantly the most common faults in Beer.


SERIOUS BEER Certification L2
The L2 exam is a mock exam with the same structure as Certified Cicerone® exam.
No multiple choice; all written answers:

  • Keeping and Serving Beer -- 24 questions
  • Beer Glassware -- 9 questions -- match the glass to the beer style
  • Beer Styles -- 49 questions
  • Beer Flavor & Evaluation -- 16 questions
  • Ingredients -- 42 questions
  • Beer & Food Pairing -- 10 questions + one paragraph
  • Short Essays -- 3

Cicerone® Certification Program
Certified Cicerone® 
Link to Certified Cicerone® Sample exam






  1. WSET Foundation適合何種程度的學生?
  2. 何種程度可報名ISG I 或WSET Intermediate課程?
  3. ISG I與WSET Intermediate的相同點與相異點?
  4. 可直接報考ISG或WSET測驗而不上課嗎?
  5. 考完試多久會收到成績單與證書?
  6. 台灣有多少機構承認ISG & WSET認證嗎?

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