協助單位:南非葡萄酒協會 Wines of South Africa

WOSA 南非葡萄酒專業課程
South Africa Wine Connoisseur



台灣酒研學院結合南非葡萄酒協會( Wines of South Africa)的豐富資源,邀請莊才勳老師規劃第一套以南非葡萄酒為專題的中文品酒課程。才勳老師旅居南非超過20年,精通英文與南非方言,是少數深入研究南非葡萄酒的華人。為此課程,才勳老師也把多年累積的專業知識與熱愛落實成近萬字的中文課本,提供第一手以中文撰寫的南非葡萄酒資料!



  1. 課程總時數:4.5小時專業解說
  2. 品飲訓練:8-10款精典酒款
  3. 課程大綱如下:
    • 南非葡萄酒歷史、現況與未來
    • 南非葡萄酒法規、產區規範與 酒標資訊
    • 南非葡萄酒風格全球市場
    • 認識南非主要白葡萄品種與紅葡萄品種
    • 認識南非主要產區:
      Stellenbosch, Paarl, Constantia, Swartland, Pinotage, 與Elgin等.
  1. 原版教材:由南非葡萄酒協會( Wines of South Africa)提供
    • Aspect of South Africa:43頁英文電子檔-南非風土條件、品種與產區介紹。
    • Cape Wine Braai Masters:160頁英文電子檔-各區傳統烤肉食譜與餐酒搭配要訣。
    • Variety is in Our Nature :14頁英文電子檔,提供南非最新產業數據。
  1. 中文教材:教學PPT講義與近萬字課本。
  2. 南非領事館學術資料與精美小禮物


  • 頒發證書:完成課程學員可獲頒WOSA 南非葡萄酒專業課程證書 South Africa Wine Connoisseur ,於課程結束後,現場頒發給學員。




WOSA 南非葡萄酒專業課程 第9期(台北週末班) 報名方式
13:00 ~ 17:30
莊才勳 Aaron Chuang
  • 南非葡萄酒協會(WOSA's)
  • 繳費資訊
  • 講師介紹


Wines of South Africa (WOSA) is a fully inclusive body, representing all South African producers of wine who export their products. WOSA, which was established in its current form in 1999, has over 500 producers on its database, comprising all the major South African wine exporters. It is constituted as a not-for-profit company (sec21) and is totally independent of any producer or wholesaling company. It is also independent of any government department, although it is recognised by government as an Export Council.

WOSA's mandate is to promote the export of all South African wines in key international markets. Traditional markets include the United Kingdom, Germany Sweden and the Netherlands. More recently, WOSA has also been developing markets for South African wines in the United States, Canada, Russia, and Asia.

WOSA is funded by a levy per litre on all bottled natural and sparkling wines exported.
Michael Jordaan, venture capitalist and former CEO of First National Bank (FNB), was appointed chairman of WOSA. He succeeded Johann Krige, CEO and co-owner of Kanonkop Estate, who was chairman of the marketing body for the past five years.

WOSA's CEO is Siobhan Thompson, who was appointed in November 2013. An international marketing specialist, prior to this she was Distell's global head of marketing for Amarula and the company's other liqueur brands from 2010. She was previously Distell's group general marketing manager for brandies and cognac, including Bisquit. She also worked for several years marketing the company's sparkling wines and was responsible for the launch of the luxury Pongracz Desiderius Cap Classique. Before joining Distell in 2001, she was responsible for the UCT Graduate School of Business’ marketing and public relations.

WOSA's mandate is to promote the value growth for the South African wine industry abroad. WOSA exhibits regularly at major wine shows including ProWein in Germany, the London Wine Trade Fair and Vinordic in Stockholm. WOSA also works closely with the tourism authorities to advance Cape wine tourism. In addition, WOSA holds regular marketing seminars for members, bringing international wine buyers and marketers to the country to communicate changing international market needs, demands and opportunities.

WOSA also brings wine and lifestyle journalists to the Cape on an ongoing basis. The visiting groups are exposed to the physical beauty and cultural heritage of the region's winelands.
WOSA also holds the Cape Wine trade exhibition, the flagship business showcase of the South African wine industry. The first show was held in 2000. The latest, Cape Wine 2012, took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 25 to 27 September. A total of 2 538 people visited the trade show over the three days, showing an increase of 97% compared to the previous Cape Wine, which was held in 2008. Vindaba, a trade exhibition of the country`s impressive range of wine tourism offerings, took place simultaneously. The next Cape Wine trade show is scheduled for 15 to 17 September 2015 at the CTICC.

The entire South African wine industry worked together with WOSA to create an innovative top quality wine brand, Fundi, and ensure that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this wine were used to train more than 2 010 previously disadvantaged people as wine stewards by 2010, when South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup.

- See more at: http://www.wosa.co.za/About-Us/WOSA/#sthash.qkar1OS2.dpuf




  1. 銀行:中國信託南崁分行(822)
  2. 帳號:510-540-436-886
  3. 戶名:酒言食語行銷顧問有限公司
  4. 注意:轉帳完成後請務必至轉帳確認回函填寫完您的匯款資料,才完成報名。

莊才勳 Aaron Chuang






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